When someone has troubles eliminating, there may be a concern that there is an underlying problem causing it to happen. While there are many medical problems that could cause the symptoms of constipation or diarrhea, they can also be the results from eating different foods.

When a new food is added to the diet that has never been tried in the past, or if it is something that has not been eaten regularly, it can cause havoc to the digestion system. This can come in the form of diarrhea or constipation.

Some foods have a high water content. When these are eaten, they can be the reason for what causes diarrhea as a result. These foods will slide through the digestion system rather quickly, especially if no other solid foods have been eaten at the same time. The person who had eaten the food would then need to sit on the toilet for a bit as the watery stool is emitted.

Many people will suffer from bouts of “travelers diarrhea” when visiting foreign countries. This is due to the mishandling of foods, making them prone to bacteria. When a food is eaten that a person is not used to, it can cause severe diarrhea as a result. Unfortunately, there is no medication to take ahead of time to stop this from occurring. The best way to avoid travelers diarrhea is to only eat in finer establishments. These will be more apt to take the proper precautions in food handling, minimizing the chance of a diarrhea occurrence.

It is a good idea to stick with healthy foods at home as well. Eating a properly balanced diet can help keep diarrhea from becoming a problem. Fatty foods full of empty calories are not good for the digestion tract. The fat embeds itself on the interior walls, often contributing to a backup inside the digestive system. This will lead to sessions of constipation. Avoid this by increasing the water content in the foods eaten. Drink plenty of glasses of water as well. Eating fruits and vegetables will usually help alleviate this problem once it begins.

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